Friday, October 22, 2010


Forewarning: This is probably not an interesting post...

I am not a lipstick person.

I want to be, but for some reason I can just never seem to get it right when it comes to color. I'm not a very flashy person, and lipstick kind of freaks me out. BUT I noticed in pictures how much better it would look if I had some color on my lips so I decided to give it a go again.

On one of my bi-weekly trips to Target (yes, I pretty much single-handedly keep them in business) I found THIS lovely product:

Perrrrfection! It goes on really light so I don't feel as though my lips are screaming for attention and it adds just the right amount of color! I'm in love!

Anyhow, if anyone has good lipstick suggestions - I am open!




  1. Interesting.. I always just wear chap stick, occasionally a nude lip gloss..I don't think I've bought an actual lip stick tube since the 7th grade (and I was unaware of what was appropriate then, ha)
    I'll have to look into this.. Another think I like is Burt Bee's chapstick with a tint of color..

  2. I love lipstick. I agree with the Burt Bee's chapstick with the tint of color. If you're not wanting a lot of color, it's great for that.