Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 5 - Your Siblings

I have four siblings, all of varying degrees of actual relation to me.

My oldest sister is not REALLY my sister - but she is. My dad was married prior to marrying my mom, and when he married his ex-wife he adopted her little girl as his own. She is AWESOME. When him and his ex-wife divorced, she kept my dad as her dad. And when my dad moved from California to Texas, she came to Texas too.

That being said, she is my sister through and through. I don't care if there's no blood relation, I love her to death. I admire and respect her, and think the world of her. So she IS my sister.

My older brother is my half-brother. He's also my older sister's half-brother. So you see the relation. He has had his struggles throughout life, and continues to struggle. I pray for him and hope that one day he sees how blessed his life is. We aren't close, but I hope one day we are and one day he sees how much everyone cares about him.

My little brother is fully mine! :) We're 6 years apart, but that hasn't stopped us from being extremely close. He is a bright spot in my day and I've been known to call him and cry when I needed a shoulder or a listening ear.

He's always been incredibly protective over me - at one point growing up (he had to have been 9-10) I had just suffered through a very painful breakup with a boy and the boy came over to my house and we were arguing in my driveway and I was bawling my eyes out and my brother came out and told him he had to get out of the driveway RIGHT NOW otherwise he was going to get my dad to throw him out. Haha. That's love.

I'm so glad I had siblings (and still have them!) growing up - they've impacted my life in ways they probably don't even know!

I have to add in my honorary sister too, because my life is nowhere near complete without her. My best friend, who I've known and been best friends with since kindergarten, is considered an honorary member of my whole family. She calls my mom "mom" and dad "dad" and we are closer than most people ever will be. She is AMAZING and I love her so much. We've been close for the last 20+ years, which is a beautiful and rare thing. Other people have been extremely close to her and I both, but no one holds a candle to our bond. It's just one of those things you can't compare.

And here is a picture of my whole family minus my older brother (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, Brother, Honorary Sister and Husband):



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