Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 8 - A place you've traveled to

Well, my favorite place that I've traveled was for our honeymoon in the beautiful PUERTO VALLARTA! We spent seven blissful days on the beach, in the 'city', and in our villa... Get ready for picture overload :)

We made it!!!

What we woke up to every morning - bummer, huh??

View from the villa we stayed in down to the non-toursity beach we frequented.

We spent plenty of time in these two chairs. It was HEAVEN.

THE NEW ME! :) I was very excited about this, can you tell?

Dear God this was a bad idea. These drinks were a little too sweet for us, but they sure are cute!

Beautiful beach. So different from Galveston.

On our hiking trip that we took. This will take anyone's breath away. The raw beauty of the nature out there is incredible.

A trip to Mexico would not be complete without GINORMOUS margaritas! Look how much I'm cheesin' over this. I was pretty excited.

4-wheeling up the mountain. Again - the view was indescribable.

The two guys that worked at the villa we stayed at invited us to their championship soccer game (just league soccer, not professional)... They won! It was so exciting and a little scary and a nice little dose of REAL Mexico.

On our snorkeling trip. I was terrified. I have a big fear of open water and the fish kept brushing against my legs. But I survived and I got to hold a starfish!!

Ahhh I loved Mexico! I would also love to visit somewhere across the pond soon... Maybe Italy.



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